In our 1. year exam we created a new brand identity for Wonder Festiwall, in close contact with the founders. Wonder Festiwall takes place every year with approximately 5.000 participants on the danish vacation island, Bornholm.
We quickly discovered that the organisation wished for more festival participants. This was a challenge, since the island is cut off by its geografic borders.


We created a brand identity with focus on the adventure in going off-shore to a festival on the vacation island. We both used the USP (Unique Selling Propositon) which is that the festival is centered on Bornholm, and the ESP (Emotional Selling Propersition) of the special atmosphere on the festival. This special atmosphere we believe could be described in the keywords spontaneity, fellowship and nature. This we reflect in the visual identity and the whole concept.

The text ads placed on trainstations and busstops in Copenhagen looks like dating ads/a bookclub ad, but when certain words are overlined it is instead an ad for meeting new and fun peaple in a different and adventurous environment. This also promotes the app we created.
Our target group is young people, whom in Denmark often take puplic transportation to school or work, therefore we chose this placement for the ads.
The app Wonder//Match Created by Wonder Festiwall enables target group can meet other people interested in going to the festival. Here you can set different preferences, such as concerts you wish to match by. The idea is to find new people to camp and go to concerts with as a group or individual.
In the posters there also is a link to the website, which also links to the app. From the app there is a direct link to the website (to buy tickets). The website is a complex WordPress solution including a music player, ticket sale and a merchandise webshop.